Rates & Plans

RWG Mobile is a pay-as- you-go mobile provider that gives you total flexibility of how you buy and consume your mobile services.

If you are a pay-as-you-go user or out of contract with your current network provider then you can keep your existing number and enjoy hassle-free, no-contract services. You get the complete freedom of buying your own bundles of minutes, texts and data without being locked into long-term contracts and paying for services that you don’t use.

No longer do you need to buy voice, text or data in one go. Our service allows you to buy bundles separately, renew them when you want and won’t punish you for going over your limits. You can enjoy our services through our SIM cards, mobile app or both. Just top-up and you are ready to start.

The easiest way to top-up and manage your account is via our mobile app which is available through the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can also top up via your local PayPoint store and through your online account.

RWG Mobile bundles

Bundles are drawn down from credit balance only. Buy credit now?
All bundles are valid for 30 days.


  • 100 mins for £1.99
  • 200 mins for £2.99
  • 500 mins for £4.99
  • 5000 mins for £7.99


  • 100 SMS for £0.99
  • 500 SMS for £2.99
  • 5000 SMS for £4.99


  • 500 MB for £1.99
  • 1GB for £3.99
  • 2GB for £5.99
  • 5GB for £10.99
  • 8GB for £15.99

International & UK Standard Rates

The cheapest way to use RWG Mobile is to use bundles.
All services outside of bundles will be charged at our standard rate which are listed below:


Low cost calls

The rates above apply to phone calls made over the RWG Mobile Network, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Local Access. You can also view rates in the RWG Mobile app.


Callback calls you and then connects you to the number you are calling. There are two parts to the call so calls are more expensive.


Note: VAT is included in the displayed rates for all EU residents at their local VAT rate. There are no connection charges.
Calls are charged in 60 second blocks and rounded up to the nearest penny.

*Your mobile operator may charge you for data and local minutes that are not covered in your mobile plan.

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