Rates & Plans

RWG Mobile is powered by the Now/EE mobile network and operates as a Pay-as-you-go and pay monthly mobile provider that gives you total flexibility of how you buy and consume your mobile services.

If you are a Pay-as-you-go user or out of contract with your current network provider then you can keep your existing number and enjoy hassle free no contract services. You get the complete freedom of buying your own bundles of mins, texts and data without being locked into long-term contracts and paying for services that you don’t use.

See our rates and plans below and order a free SIM Card to get started.


  • Voice – 10p min UK landline/mobile
  • SMS – 10p/SMS
  • Data – 5p/MB


  • Choose Free, £1, £6, £12 or £22 bundles of voice, text & data – see below to purchase


  • Dial 669, option 1 from your RWG Mobile to top-up so you never run out of credit or allowance


  • FREE every month
  • Just order & go!
  • 50 mins or SMS & 250MB


  • £1
  • per month via direct debit
  • 75 mins or SMS & 500MB


  • £6
  • per month via direct debit
  • 150 mins, 500 SMS & 1.5GB


  • £12
  • per month via direct debit
  • 750 mins, unlimited SMS & 8GB


  • £15
  • per month via direct debit
  • unlimited mins, unlimited SMS & 15GB


  • £22
  • per month via direct debit
  • unlimited voice, SMS and 30GB

International & UK Standard Rates

The cheapest way to use RWG Mobile is to use bundles. All services outside of bundles will be charged at our standard rate which are 10p/min for landline and mobile, 10p/SMS and 5p/MB. Our international rates for calling from your UK Mobile number are available by sending an email to

EU Roaming is included in all of our paid plans (not included in our FREE plan!). Roaming costs outside of the EU are charged at a maximum of 50p per call, 50p per SMS sent (free to receive) and 50p/MB.

Top-up £5 here
Top-up £10 here

Note: VAT is included in the displayed rates for all EU residents at their local VAT rate. There are no connection charges.
Calls are charged in 60 second blocks and rounded up to the nearest penny.

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