Why doesn’t Wales have a mobile network?

23rd June 2016

British Telecom, France Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, Eircom. If you think of a country you will be able to easily identify its mobile network. That is with the exception of Wales. A country of in excess of 3m people which would currently rank as the 34th biggest nation in Europe out of 51 is not represented with a communications network that reflects the nation.

A modern nation must have a communications provider that reflects itself and understands the needs of its people and culture. Most industries are now reflective of the Welsh nation but telecommunications seems to remain the last bastion of resistance to provide a reflective personality in its space. The current Welsh telecommunications market is served by under resourced local businesses or large Mobile Network Operators ignorant to the cultural differences that the Welsh population represents.

The Digital Wales Programme was created by the Welsh Government in 2010 to “Make Wales a Digital Nation” but in the absence of a telecommunications network it is hard to state that strides are being made and RWG Mobile has been formed to plug a big gap in that program.

At the current time 16% of mobile phone users in Wales claim to be fairly or very dissatisfied with their mobile network and the main reasons for this are due to internet speeds, rewards or special offers and customer service. Smartphone users in Wales are growing at 8% per annum meaning that more people than ever are starting to enjoy 3G and 4G communications but there is still a significant gap to the UK average. Tablet computer take up is growing at 24% per annum but still less than half of the population has one and 4G availability only covers 45% of the total population compared to 73% across the rest of the UK.

Surely time for change……

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