RWG Mobile unveil plans to tackle signal “not-spots” affecting farming communities

24th July 2017

Wales’ first dedicated mobile network RWG Mobile will unveil on the 25th July, 2017 plans to tackle the signal vacuum that exists in parts of Wales and impacts heavily on rural and farming communities.

RWG Mobile, which launched the nation’s first full-scale mobile telecommunications network one year ago at Royal Welsh Show 2016, is set to roll out its first business enterprise. The network, which recently announced a unique partnership with S4C, has been in discussions with farming associations to improve mobile and business communications capabilities for the industry.

RWG Mobile is designed specifically for people who live and work in Wales. The company plans to secure 90,000 new customers in the first three years. Founder and director of RWG Mobile Andrew Davies said: “We know that signal vacuums exist particularly across the mountainous regions of Wales and it’s important for us, as the only mobile network specifically for the people of Wales, to find unique solutions to this.

One in ten Welsh consumers access the internet exclusively through a mobile phone, the highest proportion among the devolved nations and more than twice the UK average.

RWG Mobile delivers mobile communication via its own SIM card that offers pan-Wales and UK coverage as well as international roaming capability and 4G connection at no extra cost. The company has developed and launched an app that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets, allowing customers to use multiple numbers to make and receive calls over the internet using Wi-Fi connection – a lifeline in areas of poor signal.

Andrew Davies continued: “The business and farming communities in Wales will appreciate the value and advantages of the app as it allows calls to be made using their business number where mobile signals are weak, helping to negate the notorious ‘not spots’ effect within Wales.”

In addition to the SIM and app, RWG Mobile now sells handsets directly from its online shop.

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