News: RWG Completes Acquisition of Digital Peaks Technology

27th August 2019

Newport, August 27th 2019: RWG Mobile announced today that it has completed its acquisition of a majority stake in Digital Peaks Technology (‘Digital Peaks’), a UK-based provider of e-healthcare and e-socialcare solutions with an established presence in the US healthcare market. 


Digital Peaks delivers e-healthcare technology platforms and, with its partners, has successfully created online care communities embracing patients and their families, physicians and carers. Health checks and consultations can be completed in the patients’ homes using high quality video calling on mobile devices or smart TVs. The same underpinning technology (Unified Communications) also connects family and friends, combating the loneliness that often affects people isolated in their homes through infirmity or illness. 


“We believe in the power of community for healing, wellbeing and prosperity. The acquisition of Digital Peaks gives us the opportunity to nurture communities that support some of the most vulnerable members of society. The technology and people – working together – bring help, hope, peace-of-mind and a sense of connection and inclusion.” said Andrew Davies, chief executive at RWG


Springboarding off the momentum created by its acquisition, Digital Peaks and RWG were able to secure a further contract with a major US healthcare provider. The integrated e-heathcare platform – embracing RWG’s JOYN application alongside Digital Peaks’ voice, video and messaging solutions – is planning to roll out to tens of thousands of users over the next three years. 


Read the full story here: RWG acquires Digital Peaks

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