Our Story

Wales has a real sense of belonging.


Before RWG Mobile was launched, there wasn’t a mobile network that belonged to Wales. A mobile network that was run by people in Wales, for people in Wales. One with a Welsh language service as standard.


RWG Mobile set about to change that.


RWG Mobile has the customer at its very core. And we look after them by providing innovative products and services for those who live and work in Wales, and our friends who come to visit.


We are passionate about good service and all things Welsh. That’s why we have a team of passionate people, on hand in Wales, who are always happy (and hapus) to answer any of your queries. Big or small. In Welsh or English.


Nearly all other European countries have their own mobile networks. So we may not be setting a trend, but we’re the first country in the UK to have a dedicated mobile network. Because why shouldn’t people in Wales have it all?

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