News: RWG Enables Telemedicine to Treat Most Vulnerable in the Midst of US Coronavirus Pandemic

11th June 2020

The Welsh Tech Firm Utilises its Recently Launched Global IoT Platform to Provide Remote Patient Monitoring and Identify Potential Early Covid Signs


Newport, June 11 2020: RWG Mobile announced today that its global Internet of Things (IoT) platform is being used to provide US healthcare organisation Guardian eHealth with innovative remote patient monitoring (RPM) to serve vulnerable patients suffering long term health problems. In addition, the RPM could be used to remotely detect early signs of Covid-19. This news comes off the back of RWG’s acquisition of Digital Peaks Technology in 2019, which gave the Welsh tech firm a significant foothold in the US healthcare market.

RWG’s remote patient monitoring tracks three vital signs – blood oxygen levels, heart rate and temperature – alongside a patient’s blood pressure – that may indicate a patient’s likelihood of contracting Covid-19. Patients can take their own vital readings using equipment provided in the RPM kit. The results are automatically transmitted to RWG’s Home Health Hub before being shared with a data population medical company that analyses the results before pushing the results to a medical professional ready to determine the appropriate course of action.

The RPM kit is comprised of: 

  • RWG’s Home Health Hub
  • A Digital Fingertip Pulse Oxymeter
  • A Digital Thermometer
  • A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • RWG Secure Mobile Connectivity

By monitoring patients remotely, RWG and Guardian eHealth are eliminating the need for risky face-to-face consultations while freeing up medical staff during the demanding Coronavirus crisis. RPM is also helping US healthcare organisations better manage their limited Coronavirus testing resources.

“Community and collaboration are at the centre of everything we do at RWG Mobile, both of which are more important than ever as we face the Coronavirus pandemic,” said Andrew Davies, chief executive at RWG. “In helping US citizens and medical staff better predict, manage and analyse the threat of Covid-19, it’s our hope that what we learn will positively contribute to the efforts of the global community against this unknown virus.”

Read more about RWG Mobile’s global IoT platform, and what it means for the healthcare industry, here

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