The Community Platform - JOYN from RWG Mobile


What is your community? JOYN the community.

  • Connecting like minded people with like minded passions
  • Branded mobile community application
  • Gateway to tailored community services
  • Dynamic events notification to all members
  • Integrated messaging, video, voice & collaboration services
  • Completely secure
  • Download the free app from store now and start your journey!

For all organisations, digitalise your business overnight with the JOYN app.

Manage and engage with millions of members through one platform. Joyn is your one-stop location for managing your customers, community and fans.

  • Fully customisable app (tile) store
  • Have complete control over your content management
  • Easy and user-friendly back-end portal
  • Send real-time messages to targeted members via app notification, SMS & email
  • Easily sort through your community using different filter options
  • Send automatic messages to members who perform specific actions
  • Learn more about your members with rich, easy-to-read stats
  • Reach a wider audience and find new members by syncing your content to social media accounts
  • Get friendly, expert help. Support is available 24/7 via email and chat-bots

To set up a free trial for your community send an email to or call us on 01633 415333.

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