Staying connected in the face of Covid: Introducing our global IoT platform June 05, 2020

We’re all about communities and connections here at RWG Mobile. Our belief in the awesome power of communities is what brought us to life five years ago. It’s what led to our acquisition of Digital Peaks, an e-healthcare and e-socialcare provider doing great work to keep the vulnerable connected through the US healthcare market – […]

How communities can be the remedy to loneliness, depression and illness – The Digital Peaks acquisition in context August 27, 2019

We all need our personal space, time to ourselves, room to think and breathe. Some of the time at least. But as the world around us heaps unplanned pressures on society – with mostly unforeseen and unfortunate consequences – history, religion and science can all agree on a single, forgotten truth: We were never meant […]

University Survival Tips for Freshers Week and Beyond! September 28, 2017

University survival tips for Freshers Week and beyond   You’ve got the grades to study your chosen degree, you’ve crammed as much stuff as you can possibly fit into your parents’ car (plus a bit extra), and you’ve moved into your new home for the next year on your university’s campus. Now your parents have […]

RWG are visiting Cardiff and Swansea University’s Freshers’ Fairs! September 25, 2017

RWG Mobile are excited to announce that we’ll be visiting Cardiff and Swansea as part of their Freshers’ Fairs, where we’ll be offering students the opportunity to sign-up for FREE SIM card and a chance to WIN FREE CALLS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! All you need to do is visit us at your […]

Things you’ll know if you went to school in Wales September 19, 2017

1. Starting the day by greeting your teacher with “bore da”. 2. Answering the register with “yma” every morning and afternoon. 3. Asking “ga i fynd i’r ty bach os gwelwch on dda?” every time you needed to use the toilet. 4. Dressing up in a traditional Welsh costume for St David’s Day. 5. Taking […]

How to Take the Perfect Selfie September 12, 2017

How to take the perfect selfie: top tips for the Valley’s diva!   There are a few things we love in the Valleys; taking trips to Barry Island when it’s sunny, ordering half and half in the takeaway, wearing fake tan (because it rarely is that sunny), and of course, taking selfies on our mobile […]

Festivals to Attend in Wales September 11, 2017

7 Welsh festivals you need to attend in the summer   We’ve all heard of Glastonbury, Creamfields, Download and V Festival (and if you haven’t, where have you been, exactly?!). In fact, many of us have probably already completed the trek to dance our socks off at one of these festivals already. However, did you […]

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