Mobile SIM Card

  • How do I get started?
    • All of our SIM Cards come in three sizes, choose the correct one for your phone and insert in the SIM Card slot;
    • Turn on your phone and it will connect automatically to the RWG/Now network;
    • There are no services available until you top-up or buy a bundle but you can contact customer care by emailing
  • Which devices can I use?
    • RWG runs off the EE/Now mobile network so will work in 2G, 3G and 4G compatible smartphones. If you are not sure if your phone is compatible then email us at
  • How do I top-up?
    • The easiest way to top up is to dial 669 from your device and follow the instructions.
    • You can also top up by buying a NOW Mobile e-voucher from any Paypoint store and dialling 669 to enter the unique code.
    • You can purchase bundles of calls, texts and data via our website or contact
  • How do I check my balance?
    • Just dial *669# from your phone to get your latest credit balance. This does not include your current bundle allowances.
    • To obtain your current bundle allowance please contact
  • How do I check my voicemail?
    • Dial 269 from your RWG Mobile phone to enable, set and listen to voicemail.
  • How do I contact customer care?
    • Dial 01633 415333 from your RWG Mobile to contact our customer service team based in South Wales.
    • You can also email
  • Can I keep my existing number from my current network?
    • By joining RWG you don’t need to lose your current number. Just call our customer service team on 01633 415 333 and they can help you start the process.
    • If you know how porting works then simply obtain a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) from your current provider plus a new RWG SIM Card and email us at with the PAC, your RWG number and your current phone number and we will take care of the rest. Or you can complete our simple port instruction form here
  • How do I route calls to the RWG Mobile app?
    • The Wi-Fi calling capability through our mobile app means you will never be without signal at home. If you don’t have a signal you can make outbound calls through the RWG Mobile app without changing any settings, just open the app and start calling.
    • If you want to direct inbound calls to the app, obtain your first free virtual number by clicking the green plus sign at the bottom of the App screen and edit your call forwarding settings within your device so that calls are routed to this number. If you are unsure how to do this, please give us a call on 01633 386 486.
  • How do I check the mobile coverage in my area?
  • I can’t access the internet
    • Upon putting the SIM Card into an unlocked phone, it should connect automatically to the EE/Now Mobile network. The APN settings on the phone are automatic and there is no reason to change this.
  • Calling internationally
    • All of our SIM Cards come with international calling automatically enabled but you require credit in order to make international calls.
  • Using your phone abroad
    • International roaming is automatically enabled when you receive your RWG Mobile SIM Card. All EU roaming is included on the same terms as your UK plans and prices.
    • Roaming outside of the EU requires a credit balance.
    • You do not need to change the APN settings on your phone in order to receive data services abroad.

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