Things you’ll know if you went to school in Wales September 19, 2017
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1. Starting the day by greeting your teacher with “bore da”.

2. Answering the register with “yma” every morning and afternoon.

3. Asking “ga i fynd i’r ty bach os gwelwch on dda?” every time you needed to use the toilet.

4. Dressing up in a traditional Welsh costume for St David’s Day.

5. Taking part in the yearly school Eisteddfod, and excitedly wearing the colour of your ‘house’ (which was usually green, yellow red or blue).

6. Sitting through countless episodes of Pobol Y Cym and Pam Fi Duw? in Welsh lessons.

7. Going on yearly school trips to Tenby beach and Oakwood Park, as well as having been to St Fagans, Big Pit, Llangrannog, and Techniquest so many times you’ve lost count.


8. …speaking of Llangrannog, you were also terrified of The Black Nun.

9. If you lived in South Wales, then you probably went on a good few trips to Bristol Zoo too.

10. Singing in Welsh during assemblies (and most likely not understanding the words).

11. Calling everything you like either “lush” or “tidy”.

12. Greeting your friends with “alright, butt”.

13. Looking up translations of naughty words in the Welsh dictionary.

14. Buying homemade Welsh cakes at the school fete.

15. Half of your classmates having the surname “Jones”, “Davies” or “Evans”.

16. Only knowing the “gwlad, gwlad” part of the Welsh national anthem (but singing it anyway).

17. Struggling when being tasked with drawing your country’s own flag.

18. Having both “happy birthday” and “penblwydd hapus” sang to you in Welsh and English, and experiencing twice the embarrassment.

19. Trying to pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysiliogogogoch


20. …and showing off to your classmates at every opportunity if you could do so successfully.


21. Debating whether it was cooler to have a short or a long tie.

22. Impressing your friends by driving for new car to school when you finally passed your test.

23. Saying “thanks, drive” as you exit the school bus.

24. Expressing your distaste of something by saying it’s “uch a fi”.

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