How to Take the Perfect Selfie September 12, 2017
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How to take the perfect selfie: top tips for the Valley’s diva!


There are a few things we love in the Valleys; taking trips to Barry Island when it’s sunny, ordering half and half in the takeaway, wearing fake tan (because it rarely is that sunny), and of course, taking selfies on our mobile phones!

In fact, selfies have become so popular that a certain Kim has brought out her own book on the subject, which is rather aptly entitled ‘Selfish’ (and is obviously the perfect addition to any bookshelf).

However, though most of us haven’t quite reached that level of obsession, we all want to snap a good selfie, but know it’s not easy taking the perfect one. You need to be familiar with your good side, strike the most flattering pose, and ensure you have the right lighting before it’s social media ready.

Luckily, Kim Kardashian is here to provide plenty of valuable tips and inspiration for your own!

Want selfie-taking skills that rival the selfie queen’s? Here’s how the Valley’s diva can take the perfect selfie…


Know your best angle and use it


It’s not just Kim that’s a selfie expert. Have you ever noticed that singer, Ariana Grande, always seems to be ‘papped’ from her left side? In fact, rumour has it that she once demanded that only the left side of her face was shot during a photoshoot in Sydney…

It’s pretty much a given that selfies are more flattering if you turn to the side slightly, rather than stare directly into the camera lens. We also all have a ‘best side’, so find out which is yours is, and like Ariana, don’t let a pap get your bad side! Protect yourself with anti-paparazzi clothing, or consider the cheaper alternative; the humble hoodie.


Keep your head up!


Now that you’ve found your good side, it’s time to get your head tilt on! According to the selfie queen herself (Kim Kardashian), you need to keep your chin down and hold the camera at a higher angle than you usually would, as well as tilt your head at an angle. This will highlight your cheekbones, make your eyes look bigger, and erase any hint of a double chin.

Just remember; tilting your head up may work for Kim, but if your makeup has left you with an orange Umpa Lumpa line, blend it in first!


Find the most flattering lighting


Another of Ariana’s demands was that no photographs were to be taken of her in natural light, though this has actually been proven to be the most flattering type to use! To make the most of it, snap your selfies facing open windows and doors, or use a softly backlit wall if you’re trying to get a selfie before you head out for a night on the town…

If taking selfies in natural lighting, don’t forget to put the light behind you; an angry, squinty expression won’t do anyone any favours. Trust us on this one.


Drop the ‘duckface’


Despite what many think, the duckface pose isn’t cute. It’s become a cliché, and you’ll look like you’re trying too hard if you’ve pulled out this look for every selfie in your Instagram feed.

A natural smile always looks best, but if you’re not a big smiler, you can tone down the pout by sucking in your cheeks and leaving your lips slightly apart. Yep; it seems the fish face is the new duckface (but it’s far more flattering).


Don’t go overboard with the filters


Smoothed out blemishes, whiter teeth, and brighter eyes… it can be tempting to use a beautifying app on any selfies you look less than perfect in, but too much editing will be obvious (which can get pretty embarrassing). Just think about it; you don’t want to meet someone on Tinder, and your date to get a shock when they see how different you look from your pictures!

Instead, lightly adjust the lighting and contrast, and use a subtle filter to add an ‘edgy’ feel; Instagram’s Clarendon and Valencia always go down well.


Get the background right


You’re not the only thing that needs to look great in your selfie; the right background can add interest (to both how the photo and how your life is perceived), and make all the difference between someone liking your picture or simply scrolling past it without a second glance. Plus, with so many lovely places available to use as a backdrop (such as Cardiff Bay and Pen Y Fan), you don’t need to venture far from the valleys to take the perfect selfie!

Just beware of possible photobombers just waiting to run your selfie; you can trust no one, particularly during a heavy night out…


Additional advice for…


Mirror selfies


It’s okay to tense your muscles (though only if you actually have some), but watch that face and don’t go overboard; you don’t want to look like you’re giving birth!


Celebrity and group selfies


Seen a cast member of The Valleys on a night out? Make sure you’re both in the frame, and that you have your best pose ready to go. Sure, they’re not Kim, but you’ll want to show off this selfie at every opportunity (and you won’t be able to if neither of you were ready).


Group selfies


Again, make sure everyone is able to fit in the frame (otherwise someone’s not going to be too happy when they can’t use it as their new Facebook profile picture). You know that particularly lanky friend? Well, this is where their long arms come in handy…


Toilet selfies


Beware of your surroundings; you don’t want a rogue random washing their hands in the background of your selfie in the loos of your local Wetherspoons!


The selfie toolkit


  • The selfie stick: the closer the camera to your face, the larger your facial features will seem in your selfie, so you want to get the distance just right! A selfie stick is also essential for getting everyone into the frame for a group shot.
  • The selfie ring light: this tool easily slots onto the top of your phone, and most will have a few modes to ensure you find the most flattering lighting!

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