Staying connected in the face of Covid: Introducing our global IoT platform June 05, 2020
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We’re all about communities and connections here at RWG Mobile. Our belief in the awesome power of communities is what brought us to life five years ago. It’s what led to our acquisition of Digital Peaks, an e-healthcare and e-socialcare provider doing great work to keep the vulnerable connected through the US healthcare market – in 2019. And to continue to bring new, deeply-rooted digital services to communities of all kinds, we’ve recently launched our global IoT (Internet of Things) platform.

The world is full of intelligent digital devices – smart energy meters, smart speakers, connected cars and wearable tech are everyday examples – that make our lives simpler, safer or just more entertaining. When you connect them together – in an Internet of Things – and allow them to talk to each other, to databases and to human and machine intelligence, things get really interesting.

Simply put, this means we’re now giving IoT operators – no matter how scattered their communities of customers and users may be – the right mobile network connectivity in the device at the right price and time. Managed through one of our SIM portfolio managers, IoT operators can use our platform to keep teams and technology connected, leveraging data from every aspect of their operation and turning it into accessible, actionable insights.


There are countless communities that will benefit from such insights, but none more than healthcare; particularly given the current Covid crisis. Isolation, social distancing measures and a rise in pressure may have threatened to disconnect patients and medical staff but our global IoT platform has ensured that isn’t the case.


High innovation, deep connections, broad care


Building on our IoT platform, we are now beginning to implement innovative remote patient monitoring (RPM) for healthcare providers in the United States. Our RPM is capable of reading the three vital signs of health and wellbeing – temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels – for patients suffering with, or recovering from, long term illness. It’s hoped trend analysis will also detect early signs of the novel Coronavirus. Our RPM comprises:


  • RWG’s Home Health Hub
  • A Digital Fingertip Pulse Oxymeter
  • A Digital Thermometer
  • A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • RWG Secure Mobile Connectivity


A patient needs simply to take a reading of their vitals using one of the devices provided. The results are automatically sent directly to their RWG Home Health Hub, which transits the data to a Population Health Management cloud based system where it’s instantly shared with the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system of the Healthcare Organisation. At this point, any red flags are seen by the medical staff who will swiftly contact the patient with the next steps.


As easy as 1,2,3


It really is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Device. Equip citizens with a bluetooth or cellular connected device capable of gathering and sharing patient data.
  2. Application. Provide a hub that can receive said information and collate it in a way that allows action and analysis.
  3. Integration. Take these insights and empower medical staff to provide better treatment to not only the patient in question, but patients across the country.

In the face of Covid-19, RPM allows patients to maintain isolation, medical staff to avoid risky interaction, and the wider government to collate previously untapped insights that could ultimately mean the difference between life and death – all whilst keeping alive that connection we all need, know, and love.

We’ve already signed with 433 mobile operators globally, launched a multi-network SIM card in 180 countries, and are working with several US healthcare partners to implement RPM – but more on that later.

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